From paralysis to walking to entrepreneur – with Jessica Harthcock of Utilize Health

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Jessica Harthcock of Utilize Health

In this episode of the SouthFound podcast, we interviewed Jessica Harthcock of Utilize Health. Jessica's story is a tale of drive and perseverance, combined with the passion for helping other patients find complex care.
After a gymnastics accident, Jessica was paralyzed and told she would never walk again. However his indomitable spirit would not allow such a prognosis, so she embarked on a 2.5-year nationwide journey in search of the best care she could find.
Following that experience, Jessica found herself consulting with other patients on how to receive the same care. When her entrepreneurial spirit kicked in she realized a business was in the making.
Enter Utilize Health. Jessica's company is now part of the LaunchTN Master Accelerator program and has been gaining a lot of momentum.
Listen in as we catch up with Jessica from the roadside (literally), as she was out and about for business and investor meetings.

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