Startup Incubator

Welcome to the SouthFound Startup Incubator program

Are you a founder of a startup that could use some help in getting started or growing your business?  

The SouthFound startup incubator specializes in helping startup founders from the Southern United States validate their idea, get noticed in the marketplace and get ready to raise funding.

Our program is delivered strictly through online channels in order to be efficient with everyone's time. 

As a participant in the SouthFound startup incubator program you get access to the following:

  • weekly video lessons  via Zoom
  • a private Slack channel for networking and sharing best practices
  • exclusive Q&A sessions with successful startup founders and investors

The type of information covered in the program depends on the startups involved in each cohort. However, typically we go over the following topics:

  • How to validate your idea through research and customer feedback
  • How to build a powerful Marketing engine for your idea
  • How to get free PR
  • The various sources of funding that are available
  • How to meet investors
  • What investors look for in a startup
  • How to build a pitch deck
  • and more!

You should anticipate being present for at least one meeting (usually 1-2 hours in the evening ) most weeks, with some exercises to complete during that week.

Each cohort lasts three months and only up to ten startups per cohort are accepted into the program.

Contact us below to be considered for the next SouthFound startup incubator program.

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