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Resources we use to run our online business!

In today's business marketplace the website has replaced the business card as the most critical point of contact. Many entrepreneurs are turning to hosting and building their own websites due to how easy it has become. 

Bluehost is the perfect solution for starting an online business! Their support is world class and services include a one-click WordPress install, free domain name, and more! Plus, it's super affordable at under $4/month.



What good is an online business, or any business for that matter, if you aren't building your prospect list? With ConvertKit you can easily create custom subscription forms. As well as follow-up campaigns to keep your email list growing, and hopefully buying from you!

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery


Looking to join the online business movement and create some passive income by selling digital downloadable products? Then allow us to introduce you to e-Junkie. For as little as $5/month you can store and market your eBooks and more! Plus, e-Junkie handles the whole payment process for you through PayPal.


If you aren't actively, but intelligently, marketing your online business through social media then you had better catch up with the times. But be careful. Many entrepreneurs get caught in the time suck that can come with not using a social media management platform, like Hootsuite.

A single place, millions of creative talents. from as little as 5$

 Need to hire a freelancer? Looking for someone with a specific skill that you lack or maybe someone to work on a project for you to free up your time to do more important tasks? Try Fiverr. We've hired people for as little as $5, and still received quality work!

Even more...

Alltop - curious who the top sites are in your space? Alltop is a great way to research what the competition is talking about and how we source many of our article topics

Quora - need an expert opinion without the cost? Quora is a great way to crowdsource answers to some of the most common entrepreneur questions

Evernote - wildly popular, this service has both a desktop and app that sync together and allow you to store information in a concise, searchable format

Paypal - while many other options have sprung up over the years, Paypal is still the most common format for sending money between parties. You'd like to get paid right?

Skype - when it comes to business, the world is indeed flat. We use Skype to call or video chat with our clients and vendors.

Udemy - entrepreneurs should always be looking for ways to further their education. Many online course platforms exist, but Udemy is my go-to. In fact, it's where we learned almost all of our website development and computer programming skills.

Basecamp - Evernote might be where we store all of my information, but Basecamp is how we manage multiple projects at the same time. Add timelines, to-dos, and more.

SumoMe - we have plenty of plug-ins that we are a fan of. But this one is our new favorite. Looking for an easy way to add subscription forms, landing pages, and more to your website? Check them out. The plug-in even integrates with Aweber so that you only have to store email subscribers in one place.