Mark W. Schaefer shares how your startup can become “KNOWN” – Ep. #42 of the podcast

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Mark W. Schaefer, best-selling author & speaker

This week’s interview is with long-time friend and fellow Knoxvillian, Mark W. Schaefer.
Mark is a keynote speaker, executive branding coach, marketing strategist for some of the biggest brands on the planet (such as Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, and others). 
He is also the co-host of The Marketing Companion podcast and has authored a total of six books,  including the most read self-published book on Twitter in the world and his most recent book KNOWN.
I asked Mark to come on the SouthFound podcast to talk about his findings on personal branding during his research for writing KNOWN and the commonalities he uncovered. 
The lessons from the case studies he provides are a master-class in breaking through the noise on social media and becoming known for your expertise out in the business world and create an excellent framework for any entrepreneur or startup to build your marketing plan from.
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