Lender courses

What if you knew the secret to how business loans work?

Do you run a startup, or even a well-established company, and are wondering how to get a business loan? Then this guide is for you!

For many entrepreneurs, the process on how to get a business loan is somewhat mystical. They don't know how the process works, what information is needed, how a lender analyzes a request for a business loan, or why bankers ask the questions they do in the first place.

We are here to level the playing field.

Imagine how much less energy, money, and time it would take to get approved for a business loan if you "spoke banker".

In this guide, we personally walk you through over 30 lessons. Along the way you will learn just about everything there is to know about the how to get a business loan. We talk about things like:

  • How to target the right lenders

  • What documentation is needed

  • The biggest three financial ratios that can impact your loan getting approved, including a spreadsheet that will help you calculate those exact ratios and more!

  • How long it should take to get a business loan

  • How SBA (Small Business Administration) loans work

But here is the best part. We also teach you two easy tips that have been proven to help you reduce the rate on your loan and save you thousands!

Whether you are an entrepreneur running your own company, a loan broker, or working for someone else's company this information will come in handy at some point in your career.