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Justin Goodbread of Financially Simple

A good old country boy

Justin Goodbread is a “good old country boy” that is comfortable talking about what he believes is the most tableau topic in the world - money. 
You could argue that is because Justin has money figured out. After all, handling other people’s money is what Justin does for a living. Since 2002, Justin has been providing wealth management advice to individuals and small business owners. On top of that, Justin has a track record of growing and selling his own businesses. Such as a lawn care business he started fresh out of college and a dental practice advisory firm.
In business, you will have legal issues
Justin’s first experience in the financial industry came as a partner at a wealth management firm where Justin eventually found himself in a legal battle to protect his own reputation from some of the unethical practices of his partners. That battle cost him $340,000 to fight (he won by the way). As tough as that time was, that experience helped Justin mold the way he would run his own practice.
Feeling there was a better way to work with clients, Justin founded Heritage Investors along with his partner Jim DeTar. Their approach is simple - wealth management is about moving people’s net worth from point A to point B, not just stocks and bonds.
Whereas many advisors set a limit on the type of client’s they will take on, Justin has built up his practice by educating his clients and turning complex money topics into simple lessons. Through this approach, he has built a name for himself. In fact, Justin is now a contributor to both Forbes and Kiplinger.
Financially Simple
Over time, Justin’s content has gained momentum out in the marketplace. With that, he decided to create FinanciallySimple.com to help get more of the lessons he teaches into people’s hands. Such a content marketing strategy is rare for many financial advisors. But Justin, ever the entrepreneur, sees the site as a way to help more people while building another revenue stream.
In fact, in the next few months, Justin plans to extend his content production to include a Financially Simple podcast, multiple eBooks (on things like business plans) and more video content.
Vision and loneliness
From an entrepreneurial perspective, Justin says that the toughest part of being in business is the loneliness that comes with being an owner. Few people understand the pressures that come with such an endeavor. On the flip side, Justin seems to excel in an area that many entrepreneurs struggle - vision. 
It’s that vision that helps keep Justin on track and moving toward his goals. For now, that goal is a ride on his tractor at home.
Contact Justin
If you’d like to connect with Justin you can find him on Twitter at @jgbread.

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