Startup attorney turned filmmaker – Searching For Santos creator Brent De La Paz

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Startup Attorney and filmmaker Brent De La Paz

Note - this interview has a tad of an echo to it that I was unable to clean out.

I recently interviewed my good friend Brent De La Paz. Brent has his own law practice where he has worked in criminal defense, as well as working with a variety of startups.

Brent's latest project is a documentary/movie about the life of his grandfather. Santos De La Paz was a printer, journalist, and advisor to 2x U.S. Presidents.

With this film, Brent is in startup mode for himself. He has been able to leverage his network to connect with a variety of artists to aid in the making of this film, as well as having to fund the effort. To the funding end, Brent has self-funded the project but has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign.

You can learn more about the film or Brent's law practice here.


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