Brandon Bruce of Cirrus Insight – Ep. #41 of the podcast

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Brandon Bruce of Cirrus Insight

Brandon Bruce grew up in California. So, it was inevitable that he join the startup industry. Or, so you would think.

He did grow up in California. However, he grew up in a rural setting where he was one of only two kids in his class. Even in such a small class, Brandon's competitive nature came through as did his entrepreneurial spirit.

The desire to create something did end up catching Brandon's attention. It would be after many attempts to get something off the ground that an idea would stick.

That idea was born by Brandon's co-founder, Ryan, who saw that professionals were moving away from Outlook and into Gmail to manage their business. Blend that with Ryan's understanding of the need to integrate Gmail with Salesforce and you get Cirrus Insight.

Since founding the company the duo has been on a high-rate growth curve, including having made two different acquisitions (the most recent occurring in November of 2017).

Listen in as Brandon shares their origin story. Including the important role their early clients played in their solutions development and why he feels that entrepreneurship is a worthwhile effort.

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